The Journey

These are the settings we use when making a animation in Motion

This is a Film I made in college for my first project. we had to make a film that had something to do with meeting someone.

My coloured in Butterfly for  my Animation.
This is my Final piece I have decided on. I wont to take a picture to go on the front cover. I have asked around and people have said they like it the way it is.
This was a mock up for my Ep project we are doing with James. I really like the how the read and green work together. The only annoying thing is the image was taken from the internet and I am not able to use it fot my final piece.


This is an Animatic…..

For an Animatic they will scan and edit the story bored to show what they wont there animation to look like. Some Animatics will be more detailed depending on what the director wants


Today in interactive media we all drew an animal, for are animation.  We have to animate it and make it blowup all in ten seconds.

Well I am going to make it just be like flying around and then it will just suddenly catch fire. The last bit you will see is all it’s cables, as it is a spy butterfly.

Today we had to use the scanner and Photoshop to resize are scans for the web.

I had to re draw my Butterfly as it was on lined paper and it was hanging of the page. Now that I have re drawn it you can see it better. It is more like a butterfly now.